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All Thermometrics Data Sheets:

Meat Probe
Mid-Temperature Range Probe
ZTP-015 IR Sensor
ZTP-135D-G13 CO2 NDIR Detector
ZTP-135SR Thermopile IR Sensor
ZTP-135SR-G3 CO2 NDIR Detector
ZTP-25ASM IR Model
ZTP-315D1 IR Sensor
ZTP-135-G3 CO2 NDIR Detector
IRX Sensor
NTC Type B Series
NTC Type SP Series
NTC Type AB6 Thermobeads and GCs (Chip-in-Glass)
NTC Type FP07 Fastip Probe Thermistor
NTC Type HTP Series High Temperature Probes
Type 95 Precision, solid state temperature sensor
NTC Type JB Oven Sensor
NTC Type A990 Series
MA700 Series
NTC Cryogenics
NTC Interchangeable Type 65 Series
NTC Interchangeable Thermistor Series Type SC
NTC Type BR Series
NTC Diode
NTC Epoxy Chip Series
NTC Leadless Chips
NTC Inrush Current Limiter
NTC Unleaded Disc
NTC Miniature Series
Type YP Series
NTC Type BB Series
Types PRE/K
RTDs Type PT
NTC Thermistors Type KU
General Purpose Sensors
NTC Type KY2, KY3
General Purpose Sensors
Temperature Standards Type S/AS/ES
PTC Thermistors Type YM120
NTC Thermistors Type UD20 Unleaded Disc
High Temperature Probe
NTC Thermistor Type RL10 Uncoated Disc With Radial Leads
NTC Thermistors Type RL14 Uncoated Disc With Radial Leads
NTC Thermistors Type RL20 Uncoated Disc With Radial Leads
NTC Thermistors Type RL30 Uncoated Disc With Radial Leads
NTC Thermistors Types RL35/40/45 Uncoated Disc With Radial Leads
High Temperature Sensor
Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor
PTC Thermistors: Type PTA Over-temperature Protection
PTC Thermistors: Type PTE Over-temperature Protection
Type PTF Series PTC Thermistors
Type PTO Series PTC Thermistors
TSW-10 Turbidity Sensor
Turbidity and Temperature Sensor
Type YQ Series
Pigtail Manifold Air Temperature Sensor (MAT)
Outside Air Temperature Sensor (OAT)
Accusolve Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Soot Sensor
AIH Active Incar Humidity Temperature Sensor
AIT Active Incar Temperature Sensor
CHT Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor
CTS Coolant Temperature Sensor
Battery Pack Temperature Sensor
DAT Discharge Air Temperature Sensor
Evaporator Temperature Sensor
Evaporator Core Temperature Sensor
EGR Exhaust Gas Recycle (EGR) Temperature Sensor
FTS Fuel Temperature Sensor
GE-1856 Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT)
OTS Oil Temperature Sensor
Single Solar Sensor
Dual Solar Sensor
A-1737 Motor Coil Temperature Sensor
TFT Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor
WTS Water Temperature Sensor
ZTP-101T Thermopile Infrared (IR) Sensor
ZTP-115 Thermopile Infrared (IR) Sensor
ZTP-115M Thermopile IR Module
ZTP-135 Thermopile IR Sensor
ZTP-135H Thermopile IR Sensor
ZTP-135L Thermopile IR Sensor
Exhaust Gas High Temperature Sensor
NTC Type C100 Epoxy-Coated Chip Thermistor
NTC Type NDL Epoxy-Coated Chip Thermistor
NTC Type NK Epoxy-Coated Chip Thermistor
NTC Type MS Epoxy-Coated Thermistor
NTC Type NDM Epoxy-Coated Chip Thermistor
NTC Type NDK Epoxy-Coated Chip Thermistor
NTC Type NDP Epoxy-Coated Chip Thermistor
Type GC11 GC14, GC16 Encapsulated NTC Chip Thermistor
ZTP-115ML IR Module
ZTP-315 Thermopile IR Sensor
ZTP-188ML IR Module
ZTP-188MA IR Module
ZTP-135BS IR Module Thermopile IR Sensor
ZTP-315MIH IR Module
FL Low Profile, Flexible Temperature Sensor
NTC-Type-NK Epoxy-Coated Chip Thermistor
HS12SP Relative Humidity Sensor
NTC Type SA Interchangeable Thermistors
Type S/AS/ES Precision, Ultrastable NTC Temperature Standards

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Type-CSP Laboratory NTC Temperature Standards
TSD-10 Turbidity Sensor
TST-10 Turbidity Sensor
Cable Probe Temperature Sensors
Pipe Clip Temperature Sensors
Self-Adhering Surface Temperature Sensors
Type YM Series PTC Thermistors
Type CR1 Harsh Environment NTC Chip Thermistors
Type NKA Automotive NTC Chip Thermistors
A-1984 Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS)
Inline Flow-Through Fluid Temperature Sensor
HVAC Refrigerant Temperature Sensor GE-1920 for Automotive Applications
NTC Type JI/JIC Waterproof IP68 Temperature Sensor
A-1996 HVAC Duct Temperature Sensor
TG Series NTC Thermistors
GE-1116 Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (CHT)
GE-1571 Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (CHT)
A-1325 / A-1326 Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT)
Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) WTF083B001
ZTP-148SR Thermopile IR Sensor
JS8741 Integrated Pipe Clip Surface Temperature Sensor
NTC Type NKA HTF1 Coating Option Silicone-Coated Chip Thermistor
Combination Sensor
JS8746 Harsh Environment Temperature Sensor
GE-2133 General Fluid Temperature Sensors
A-2152 Plug Detection Sensor
FL Low Profile NTC Temperature Sensor
GE-2142 HVAC Duct Temperature Sensor
Water Detection Sensor
JRI Series Noise Immune Ring Terminal Temperature Sensor
JS8845 Integrated Pipe Clip Surface Temperature Sensor
ZTP-148SRC1 Thermopile Infrared (IR) Sensor
Combination Sensor
Pressure & Temperature Combination Sensor
A-2237 EV Battery Cell Temperature Sensor
Ambient Sensor
Active Incar Sensor
Active Incar and Humidity Sensor
Air Quality Sensor
Dual Solar Sensor
Duct Temperature Sensor
E-stat Controller
Oil Pressure Switch
Single Solar Sensor
Insulated Lead Chip Sensor
Washer-Type Thermistor
Duct Sensor
NTC Automotive Series
Medical – Optimizing Performance, Efficiency and Safety
Type MA Biomedical Chip
Temperature Sensors for Ablation Procedures
Temperature and Pressure Sensors for Catheters
Sensors for Environmental, Biological Cabinets
Temperature Sensors for Hypodermic Needles
Temperature Sensors for IV Fluids
Myocardial Temperature Sensors
Sensors for Sterilization
Thermometrics EXA RTS Datasheet