Thermometrics – Product Spotlights

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Type MA100 Series NTC Thermistors for Medical
Type AB Series NTC Thermistors for Medical
“SC/MC” Series for Healthcare
CR1 Thermistor – Coating
CR1 Thermistor – Automotive
Battery Temperature Sensing
Motor Coil Temperature Sensor
Remote Data Bridge
NK Series Epoxy-Coated Chip NTC Thermistors
Auto Defog Sensor
Tri-CAN & Quad-CAN Sensor
Combination Pressure and Temperature Sensor
Sealed Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS)
NTC Chip Thermistors – Type NKA
Cell Connection System (CCS)
Bus-Bar Integrated Temperature Sensor
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Soot Sensor
RFID Reader
Boiler Temperature Sensors
Air Quality & Ambient Temperature Sensor
Glass-Encapsulated Chip (GC) Thermistor
NTC Thermistors – Glass Diode
EMI-Protected NTC Thermistors
Ring Terminal Temperature Sensor
Fluid Temperature Sensor – Pipe Clip
Solar (Sunload) Sensors
Laboratory Grade Calibration Standards
JS8746 – Harsh Environment Temperature Sensor
Type GE – Glass-Encapsulated NTC Thermistor with Metallurgical Bond
Digital Temperature Sensors vs. NTC Thermistors
Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor
Flow-Through Temperature Sensors
Water Detection Sensor
Power Relay Assembly (PRA) Sensor
Engine/Battery Coolant Temperature Sensors
PTC Thermistors as Heaters and Current Limiters
PTC Heaters for Angle of Attack Vane De-Icing
Cable Probe Temperature Sensors
EMI-Protected Ring Terminal Temperature Sensor
JS8845 – Fluid Temperature Sensor – Pipe Clip
Type A040 Series NTC Thermistors
Single-Use Temperature Sensor
Right Angle Fluid Temperature Sensor
Type 95 Series NTC Thermistors for Industrial Applications
Type 95 Series NTC Thermistors for Medical Applications
EV Charger Temperature Sensors